April 2021 >< Hoffman Bikes Softgoods Restock

We just received a new delivery of Hoffman Bikes softgoods and stickers. New for this delivery are the Skull Hoodies and frame sticker sets. Click here for more info.

April 2021 >< New Mankind Bikes Delivery

We just received a new delivery from Mankind Bikes. On this drop we have all the new products including the International Park frame, forks, bars, wheels, hubs and all the small parts. As always Mankind products are looking slick! Click here for all the info

New Animal softgoods

We just received a new softgoods delivery from Animal in the USA. Click here for more info...

February 2021 >< New Relic Hardgoods in Stock Now

Our latest delivery from Relic just arrived with a restock of all the popular products including stems, sprockets, railed seats and posts, grips, bars, tyres, headsets, BB kits and bars, along with the new Revolve hubs in front and rear 9 or 10 tooth. Click here for more info.


Meybo 2021 HSX frames

The revolutionary Meybo HSX frame has arrived. After 5 years of development, the World Cup winning Holeshot geometry is now available with the unique HSX fixed rear axle design, giving you a fixed chain stay length and fixed location for the disk mount, whatever gearing you are running. Stock of the new HSX frame is strictly limited with our frames being some of the only ones left worldwide, so get in quick to grab this unique frame. Click here for more info...

January 2021 >< Animal restock

We just received a top up delivery from Animal in the USA. On this drop we have the new Two Tone Hood and new short and long Crew socks, a restock of Inverse and Highline stems, Guard Sprockets and Rat Trap Pedals, along with Widdit DVD's, Champion Shorts, Tanks and Icon Hats. Click here for more info...

Hoffman Bikes new Taj frames for May

Good news for HB and Taj fans, we have more re issue Hoffman Taj frames arriving in May. On this drop we will have two new versions of the Taj frame re-issue, a beige colour in the current spec and a mid school spec in the light blue. After listening to feedback from the first delivery Mat came up with the "mid school geometry" version of the Taj re-issue, specs are 21.5" top tube, 14” Chain Stays, 74.5 degree head angle and with CHAIN STAY 990’s... Also coming on this drop will be more Skidmark and Magnum tyres.

Metal Bikes Softgoods

How good is this... Metal Bikes are back with a one off limited run of softgoods and we just received a delivery of T's, Long Sleeve T's and Hoods with the classic Spade logo. Click here for more...

January 2021 >< Happy New Year...!

See ya later 2020... Happy new year!!!


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